We are Litecoin faucet.
We give you Litecoin completely for free!


We will provide comprehensive statistic including payouts, Google Analytics, daily profit

We're giving you some Litecoins

Collect them every hour. Completly for free.
That's a great opportunity to learn
how to use cryptocurrencies!

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We're a Litecoin faucet. This means we give you LTCs completely for free! Are you new in Cryptocurrencies world? This is a great opportunity to get your very first crypto-coins and learn how to use them.

Remember we're just a Game. We won't replace your current main income source. You also won't earn millions here (in fact, it's still possible. Who remembers how much was the Bitcoin worth 2 years ago? ;-).

However, still better have something than nothing, isn't it? And you can have a great time playing our games and testing your luckiness!


1. You can win LTC in "Freeplay" game each hour!

2. Refer your friends, achieve a LITECOIN EXPERT rank and multiply your prizes!

3. Visit us everyday in case you have been drawn in "Daily winners" game

4. You may have only one account at time

5. Payments are send after requested
(min. once a week)

6. The game is provably fair!

Any questions? Get in touch with us via [email protected]!


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What does the LTC stands for?

Litecoin (LTC) is a digital and global money system. The currency was created in 2011, inspired by and technically similar to Bitcoin. It is a strong competitor of its prototype, beating all other clones and taking uncompromisingly second place on the cryptocurrencies market.


Litecoins are created over time by users of the Litecoin network, instead of by a central bank or government. This means users aren't required to trust any higher authority, or even each other, in order for their money to be secure.


Each Litecoin address is encrypted by the 256-bit key which is efficient and highly secure method. They will be never possible to crack. This means that your money is secured by the laws of universe!


In order to send the money you don't need to know your recipient personal data, address or even his email! Moreover, not just the receiver but also the sender is totally anonymous!


No matter where you live, as soon as you have internet access you are able to send money to other people anywhere in the world in very little time and with little or no fees.


1. How can I change my LTC address or password?

You need to be logged, then go to the "My Account" page. Just enter a new address or password and click "Save".

2. I forgot my password, what can I do?

Please use reset password page. You can use both litecoin and email address.

3. How does LTC4YOU make money in order to provide free Litecoins for its users?

We obtain Litecoins mostly by our mining hardware which covers all payouts. We get also some Litecoin from donations. Therefore we don't have to buy LTCs.

4. Are you going to stop the giveaway, and if so, when?

We don't plan stopping LTC4YOU giveaway. However we are still very young faucet and we cannot predict how things will change in the future. If we decide to end our game, we will inform our users about it and we will still do everything to send all requested payments to them.

5. Why is my payout still in "requested" state?

You will receive your payment in the next payout wave. We send payouts minimum once a week, on Sundays.

6. Have my friends registered, but i don't see them in my Refer page what is wrong?

Only activated accounts are counts as referrers. Random email + LTC address doesn't work in this faucet.

More questions&answers to come soon.